La Dispute announced at a hometown show last week that the band and guitarist Kevin Whittemore are parting ways with each other. The split was an amicable one that comes from Whittemore transitioning his passion from playing guitar on tour to building guitars at home. The band has released a statement that can be read below after the jump.

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A+, mom.

Link’s Evolution (1986 - 2013)

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Album Art


La Dispute - Edward Benz, 27 Times. 

"And I sit in my apartment.
I’m getting no answers.
I’m finding no peace, no release from the anger.
I leave it at arms length.
I’m keeping my distance.
From hotels and Jesus and blood on the carpet.
I’m stomaching nothing.
I’m reaching for no one.
I’m leaving this city and I’m headed out to nowhere.”

Played 4105 times.


the new season of game of thrones looks so good

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I thought this was going to be educational…. it was


I thought this was going to be educational…. it was

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Muse recently covered Nirvana's “Lithium.” Enjoy the cover below after the jump.

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